Humanization/gijinka of my Aromatisse character, Flam.

Humanization/gijinka of my Aromatisse character, Flam.


some artists say that they hate when people see their work and say “thats me” and I respect that but personally I’m the exact opposite. I love when people see themselves in my work particularly if its something positive you go friend

I would like that type of comment… but I had someone say “that’s me!” on one of my arts, then actually stole the design and commissioned people to draw it, and became a hateful asshole when confronted about it.

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like discord is legitimately abusive and the fact that an adult male character is constantly allowed to get away with being outright cruel to the main characters in a tv show meant to empower and educate young girls genuinely sickens me 


if you have not seen this PLEASE do now

Drew my fursona right before leaving for Babscon so my business card could look a bit better.

Drew my fursona right before leaving for Babscon so my business card could look a bit better.




bronies on why it’s ok to use a disabled kid’s oc who got it in the show through make-a-wish foundation and asked for porn to not be fucking drawn of it in porn

most of these comments have way more thumbs ups than comments saying that it isn’t very cool to draw porn of stellar eclipse, to the point where users who think it’s morally questionable generally get bashed by other bronies. fucking amazing

"this is the internet"

ah yes, the universal mantra for people who don’t want to be held responsible for their own bullshit

gotta love how bronies are now all of a sudden really enlightened and concerned about a disabled person’s sexual needs, as if they would have even given a fuck outside of this situation. they’re trying to paint the situation in a way that makes them seem like they’re non-ableist, but it’s so fucking patronizing that it ends up swinging back around onto itself and becomes incredibly ableist. like a ouroboros of self-aggrandizing bullshit. remarkable.

literally nothing in the world is more important to bronies than making everything in a kid’s show about their irrelevant boners

I love how some of them have this rule of “if it’s in the show it’s fair game”. Doesn’t matter if it’s based on a real person, created by a child, these guys don’t give a fuck as long as it’s animated in flash they’re down to fuck it. Incredible

I want to cosplay Maud Pie
I suppose I should talk about Babscon

Great con, will go back next year. I’m a little sad that I didn’t allow myself to attend any panels, I could have gotten my buttons signed by voice actors. Ah well, I’ll do it next time.

I definitenyl need to bring more different button designs, since people sell non-pony stuff. And I didn’t even bring all my pony ones, I left my old mane 6 and the older gen ones. But besides Zecora (who ran out on the first day because I only made a few), the popular characters lasted. Maud Pie and Cadance actually sold out by the end of the con. And I have a new order at the store for those two. While Maud was someone I wanted to do since I saw the ep, Cadance was requested by a few people, so I whipped up her and Big Mac a few days before leaving and was glad I did. There’s a HUGE list of pony characters who would do well that I gotta get around to.

Sketch commissions kept me busy and I’m definitely upping the price on those a bit. I got some hilarious requests I’ll upload soon, it’s just a pain to get the camera uploads off of dropbox. Met some cool people in the down time. Only bad part was self-inflicted dehydration. Atleast I’m driving to and from Anime Expo for the duration of that convention, so I don’t need to worry about things selling out and can bring lots of water and things without having to worry about bringing it on a plane.

Kudos to your first year, Babscon!


people who dont draw engie stocky and chubby